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⚠️モンスターファイバー/スプレー/コームのリニューアルに伴い、新旧が混在する期間がありますが、ご理解いただけますと幸いです。 ¥5000以上購入で送料無料 ⚠️モンスターファイバー/スプレー/コームのリニューアルに伴い、新旧が混在する期間がありますが、ご理解いただけますと幸いです。 ¥5000以上購入で送料無料
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STARTER SET 2 points

Starter set

¥5,500(税込) ¥5,000(税込)


Recommended for first-time users
Great value2 starter setsis。
Monster Fiber 3,3000
Monster pump 2,2000  
 ⇒ A total of 5,500 (tax included)ろ

HP purchase privilege price ¥5,000 (tax included))
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Monster Fiber is a hair fiber created for people of all genders and all generations that covers the areas of concern in a wonderful and natural way.す。
It adheres to the hair and scalp due to static electricity and makes the hair look thick and rich.ます。
Keratin hair fiber, which is the same ingredient as 99 of hair, is a hair styling agent that can be used easily and reasonably without taking any risk to the body compared to taking medicine or flocking hair HAIR TATOO. Please use it as a part of hair styling grooming.てご利用ください。


MONSTER FIBER Monster fiber

◯Ingredientskeratin(Same ingredients as hair and nails)
Hair gapNaturally covers
◯Fine hairMake it look thicker and increase volumeプ
◯Arrange the hairlineSmall face effect
Static electricityAdheres to hair and scalp
Postpartum hair lossEffective for worries
◯Can be easily removed with a single shampoo
◯Easy to pick up for younger generationsPackage design
◯As part of hair styling


  • Keratin is a component that forms not only hair but also the stratum corneum of nails and skin.分It is a general term for proteins made by combining 18 kinds of amino acids.す。
  • 99 of hair is composed of keratin成It has been。
  • Compared to taking or administering medicine, hair transplantation HAIR TATOO, etc.べて、Easy and reasonable without taking any risk to the bodyルHair care products。


MONSTER POMP Monster pump

◯By using a pump、Easy naturalルIt is possible to fill the gap
◯Of fiberEasy to adjust the amount
◯Best application for monster fiber


  • For the hairline of the forehead and the partial division where the skin is transparentどにPlease use。
  • If you want to cover only the top of your head, please use Monster Fiber as it is.い。
  • The amount that comes out depends on the pressure of the pump.。Please see the explanation video。

Please see each product page for product detailsい。

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