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Monster fiber



MOSTER FIBER Monster fiber

It is a hair fiber that covers the part of the hair that you care about in a wonderful and natural way.。

◯Sold separatelyMonster pumpYou can fill the gap more naturally by usingす。
◯If you want to cover only the top of the head, please use it as it is without using a pump.。
Static electricityIt adheres to the hair and scalp to make the hair look thicker and richer.ます。
◯The ingredients are the same as the hairkeratinis。


    • If there is hair growth, it will get entangled。
    • What is keratin?、Ingredients that form the stratum corneum of nails and skin as well as hairIt is a general term for proteins made by combining 18 kinds of amino acids.す。
    • 99 of hair is keratinンConsists of。
    • Compared to taking or administering medicine, hair transplantation HAIR TATOO, etc.べて、Easy and reasonable without taking any risk to the bodyルHair care products。

    Effective for people of all genders and all generations

    • Fine hair makes the skin soothing
    • No hair volume
    • Wide forehead
    • I'm worried about the hairline
    • Postpartum hair loss
    • Alopecia areata
    • Before taking the ID photo
    • I'm worried about the top light in shooting and recording
    • Up-style scalp gap
    • Thinning hair due to aging

    HOW TO USE Points of use

      Best after applying styling productbut、If you want to lower your bangs, use fiber first for a natural finish.。
      ◯Fiber from the scalp510 cm apartてPlease sprinkle。
      The amount that comes out depends on the force that pushes the pump.。
      ◯Please try it several times with your arm until you get used to it.い。
      Use as part of hair styling groomingい。